It could seem that we live in an open-minded, modern and emancipated world. It seems that LGBTQIA* people are widely accepted and visible in our society. Everybody talks about gender equality and homosexuality. We have introduced the third gender option in Germany and twelve European countries have legalized same-sex marriage. For this reason, coming out should be easier than in the past, right? On the contrary! For many young people, celebration of their identity eludes them. Many of them still fear exclusion from society and  are weary of the hostility they encounter. Why is there a procedure of Coming-Out at all? To which norm does the Coming-Out refer to?

With my series of portraits of teenagers and young adults, I create a space of inquiry into what it feels like to find your place in society when you are part of the LGBTQIA* community. What makes it so difficult to be accepted and to be seen as normal?

Some of the photos were taken in collaboration with the group Prisma – Queer Migrants in Hanover“ and were exhibited in 2019 in the Ihme-Zentrum and the Andersraum in Hanover.